Having Trouble In Getting JOB! Why ?

Do you know

  • Most of the jobs got digitalized
  • The manual market went on the digital platform

The job didn't disappear but their form has changed to digital or you can say computerized. If you are a developer who knows programming language like PHP, Java, etc. Then you can get 2 interview calls from IT companies each day. So, don't waste time and start learning with us.

Please Note:

This is NOT some online course. We understand and believe that a few of the technical concepts are not easy to understand only by explanation. That's why we give training face to face. Due to this corona pandemic, we only take 5 students. Also, all the precautions will be taken at the time of training classes issued by the government.

We are a company and helps you to gain industry experience

Learning by yourself is one of the best thing you can do. We really appreciate and like those kind of candidates. May be you can join as internship if you have good understanding of basics. Working in a industry is an all together a different kind of experience. You will come to know about the challenges that you might never face when you are learning by yourself. You will be working on a live project and will get the experience ceritificate as well.

Please Note:

You can join 3 days demo classes for free and later decide if it is good for your future or not.

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Job Openings Average Salary Fees
SCALA 16% ₹ 80 000 ₹ 8 000
JAVA 24% ₹ 50 000 ₹ 4 000
PYTHON 25% ₹ 55 000 ₹ 5 000
PHP 21% ₹ 40 000 ₹ 4 000
Android JAVA 14% ₹ 35 000 ₹ 4 000

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