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People will come to know about you sooner or later if you are on internet and the website is well known tool for it. It gives boost to your business and provides information to the client 24x7. Also, having your own website creates an impression that you care for your business.


As you know, this is the most efficient way to put your business online. This website handles everything i.e. product details, customer orders, sales report, payment and delivery. If you have small business and thinking of selling your products online on your own website so that you don't have to pay...


Software can be think of a tool that handles data in the way it is program to do. Have you ever face a scenerio where you were using a tool and for a second you just thought ifit works in your way way, it will be awesome. Because this is how our world evolves.


Provide your website visitors with updated information on products and services, specials, hours of operation and other key information about your business. Even, search engines have certain rules by which they rank sites. If your site fails to stay updated as per these rules.


Look at your website through a user's lens: A website has about four seconds to make an impression before users hit the back button, meaning your navigation must be well-organized and your content must be easy to understand with clear calls to action.

Effort Size Chart

The idea of effort size chart is to give information to the client about our work which we will be doing in the backend for the changes he/she asked for while doing maintenance.

Work Effort Unit Cost ₹
Change title of content 1 100 per page
Upload/Change images 1 100 per image
Change button/font style 2 150 per page
Add more pages 5 500 per page